Uganda Hotel and Tourism Training Institute - Jinja

"....The Centre of Excellence in Hands - on Tourism
and Hospitality Training"

Ministy of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities
Uganda Flag

Students in Group Photo

Standing out as the only government hotel and tourism training institute, the establishment is an incredibly trying opportunity. It is for this reason that the staff and students body of this noble institute fights tooth and nail to present material and skill worth both the local and international market. Clad in their navy blue, maroon uniforms, white shirts, and matching bowties.The students make their way to the institute every day of the week to attend lectures and occasional practical lessons in the demonstration kitchen and restaurant.

Amazingly the institute enjoys first class and unlimited access to the crested crane hotel which they use for occasional training to acquaint themselves with hotel etiquette and top class skills.

The school stands on a huge expanse of land to ensure enough space for everyone. Indeed the facilities are almost enough for each one of the population of over 250 students who are passed out every year for the various courses as prescribed in the curriculum of the great institute.

The institute has in place the guild council, a body that leads and represents all the other students on various opportunities. The 52-man team is charged with the responsibility of looking out for their fellow students, bridging the gap between the students and administration and co-coordinating various programs aimed at achieving the mission and vision of the great institute.

The Guild council is a whole government altogether with a president, executive, cabinet and state ministers but most importantly people who reach the ground to associate with the students, with the aim of enforcing comfortable stay on campus. These are called Guild Representative Councilors (G>R>CS);