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The diploma program in Tourism Management will provide students with the necessary knowledge, understanding, skills, values and attitudes that are essential for the development and sustainability of the Uganda Tourism sector. Furthermore, this program will produce students who will be able to create self-employment by use of the practical and management skills acquired. 

  Profession/Career Aims

Students successfully completing this diploma program should be well equipped for entry into, and rapid progression within, the supervisory to management levels of the Hotel and Tourism sectors.

After graduating from this programme students should be able to work in the following areas in operational, assistant positions and in supervisory positions:

  • Tour or site guides
  • Guide drivers
  • Specialist guides
  • Reservations
  • Travel sales personnel
  • Travel marketers
  • Tourism officers
  • Multilingual guides



Admissions to the program are carried out within the provisions of the National Council for Higher education (NCHE) Uganda, and the Institute’s policies relating to admissions. 

Admission Requirements

Candidates for admission will be required to possess:

  1. One principal pass and two subsidiaries obtained at the same sitting and 5 passes at ‘O’ level obtained at the same sitting or
  2. Certificate in hotel, tour guiding/tourism  obtained from a recognized Institution or examination board.
  3. Any other qualification considered by the admission board of Hotel Traveling Tourism Institutes as equivalent to ‘A’ level.