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"....The Centre of Excellence in Hands - on Tourism
and Hospitality Training"

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It is with great pleasure that you are visiting the Uganda Hotel and tourism Training institute on the World Wide Web. The Institute has distinguished itself as a center of excellence for hands on training in Hospitality and tourism in Uganda.

Impartation of Hospitality and Tourism skills and attitude is the primary focus of training at UHTTI, and Students graduate with skills that have made them the most demanded hospitality and Tourism Graduates in the Country.

Alumni of the Institute excel wherever they get employment and for those with business acumen employment is not an option but rather creation of employment. Who are excelling in the Tourism sector and beyond

 For young people who wish to start a career in Tourism and Hospitality on the right footing, UHTTI is the place to be.


Namutosi Miriam Amori (Mrs.)


The aim of the project  is to fulfil the vision of Uganda Hotel and Tourism Training Institute (UHTTI) in becoming the leading hands-on hospitality trainer in Uganda through the Private Sector Foundation Unit (PSFU)-Competitiveness and Enterprise Development Project (CEDP). UHTTI is the only government training institution specialized in hospitality and tourism training in Uganda. The World Bank has granted credit to the Government of Uganda in order to implement the CEDP, under the coordination of the PSFU.